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It was very difficult to find a roofing company in Southern California that still practiced the art of creating the “storybook wave roof.” And to add to the complexity, the forest service in our area banned all wood roofing materials, and required that we used Class A materials. After exhausting all of my options to find a qualified local contractor, I contacted Custom Shingles out of Florida. Not only were they extremely professional, they organized a crew in a timely manner, researched and tested a new composite product to create the storybook look, and worked very efficiently to create an amazing new wave style roof for our mountain cottage. Our neighbors have all complimented the final result. It’s been a pleasure to work with the Custom Shingles team.
— Steve Titus, Homeowner

I called Custom Shingles last February 2016 to inquire about a solution for a project we were doing here on Cape Cod. The project was a large one with two small dormers that were swept from the eave going up the roof. Too sharp for the cedar shingles to take and Jamin and his team told me exactly what they needed from me. I provided simple templates and we were off and running. With a little lead time I received the curved shingles and problem solved with no extra work on site steam bending. Very positive experience using Custom Shingles and will not hesitate in the future if the job dictates. Thank you!
— Paul Dery / Cazeault Roofing

Kirberg Company worked with Custom Shingles on one of our preferred and unique wood shake projects. They were professional, friendly and accommodating. They worked with us from start to finish to make this project a success. If we have the chance, we would be pleased to work with them on future projects.
— Eric Shomaker, Project Manager

We could not be happier with the crew a and their fine craftsmanship. The crew stayed with us and they were excellent guests, as well. Our local newspaper did an article about our new roof and we still get comments from people who notice it. We can highly recommend Custom Shingles.
— Bob & Pat Nagel, Casper, Wyoming

Thank you Jamin!
We had a very pleasurable experience working with you. The product was amazing and the knowledge base of the product was outstanding. We were happy to have had the pleasure of working with you. The material we ordered was shipped in a very timely manner and it arrived without any issues. The process was a very smooth one. Thank you so much
— Cindy Scully, Jersey Coast Roofing, Inc.

I first got in touch with Custom Shingles at least 2yrs before I actually hired them for my roofing project. From the start, Jamin was so helpful and very transparent with their ability (timing, licensing, etc) to do a job for me in California. There was never any pressure, nor was there disregard for my inquiry - even though the opportunity for work was not imminent. I was always treated with respect. When it came time to finally get my dream roof, Jamin’s team did a wonderful job and I truly felt that they were determined to make everything perfect for me. Jamin managed the entire process very closely and definitely went out of the way on a couple occasions for me - finding the perfect dormer windows and overseeing a custom-made wrought iron chimney brace. I get weekly compliments on my beautiful cottage roof. I whole heartedly recommend Custom Shingles to anyone in the market for such a specialized craft. The work is superb and Jamin and the team are a dream to work with. Thanks!
— Pam Polizzitto

I have to tell you how impressed we were with the artistry and craft of your crew. The men were quiet and thoughtful and worked in a fashion I have not seen since my youth and that was more than 75 years ago. Their dedication to the job at hand deserves the thanks and admiration of all. My thanks for the beautiful job.
— Pat Collins

During the project we hosted a major GardenView event with 313 people in the yard, a follow-up closing party which the crew were invited to but they chose to keep on working till dusk, and an open public event as well. The Garden Walk played second fiddle to the beautiful roof. I know I’m gushing a little but it was a great experience. By the way the Town Inspector was blown-away by the roof when he came this morning for the final inspect. Thanks and Best regards,
— Gary DiNezza

We can’t say enough great things about your crew. Even though I know they are on a schedule we did not see them rush and miss details. This was extremely important to us and much appreciated!
— David Sauter

This summer, Custom Shingles traveled to Southcentral Alaska to install Teak “Dragon Scale” shingles on our Russian-themed cabin. The crew worked professionally and diligently through our (very) rainy July-August weather, on a steep roof with complex angles, and we’re very happy with the result.
— Barb & Lou Kralick

The Test of Time

Teak has been used as a boatbuilding material for over 150 years. In addition to relatively high strength, teak is also highly resistant to rot, fungi and mildew. In addition, teak has a relatively low shrinkage ratio, which makes it excellent for applications where it undergoes periodic changes in moisture. Teak has the unusual properties of being both an excellent structural timber for framing, roofing, planking, etc., while at the same time being easily worked, unlike some other similar woods.

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