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Curved Appeal

Curved shingles can add all of the warmth and fantasy of a time gone by, or the contemporary influence of clean, curved lines from a skilled craftman. Its a look the drawing board and tee square rarely achieves. We are ready to assist you on your project, no matter the size, after having successfully completed some of the most challenging and unique roofing projects. From the timeless Cotswold, to the contemporary, organic eco-architecture genres, we specialize in steam-bending wood shingles for many diverse roof and wall applications. In addition, we offer our Fancy-Cutt™ shingles, and various Wallaba and exotic Teak species. Our company is committed to helping pave the way for new innovations in wood roofing for the future.

Steam-bent, reclaimed Teak shingles in graduated sizes. Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Steam-bent, reclaimed Teak shingles in graduated sizes. Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Let your imagination be the limit, not the feasibility of conventional construction application.

Roofing needs to be strong and solid. However, it does not mean that you can't present it creatively. Have an existing home? Not a problem. Many of the Country Cottage Roofs® we have completed were installed on existing homes, by utilizing and retro-fitting your roofs' current framing, and creating your own work of art. It doesn’t end at the product alone; we travel often throughout the United States and all over the world, for consultation and installation. Check out our Teak gallery to see photos of our project in Thailand!




Made To Order

Custom shingles is what we do, and each order is made to order, per your design specification. Unsure of exactly what you need? Contact us and we would be happy to assist and help you achieve the overall design concept you are after. Our company has developed many lasting relationships with several different trades and is always looking for new and innovative to apply our products. We are committed to making your specific project a success, and continue to work with and sell  to Architects, Contractors, Homeowners, Roofers and Supply Companies.

Let our team of specialists assist you in re-roofing your existing cottage or custom project. What has been acclaimed from coast to coast and beyond as a "work of art", cottage or storybook homes are what we have specialized in for 40 years. If you are unsure of what product you are looking for, check out our portfolio and products pages, to give you a better of what we can do.

Kirberg Company worked with Custom Shingles on one of our preferred and unique wood shake projects. They were professional, friendly and accommodating. They worked with us from start to finish to make this project a success. If we have the chance, we would be pleased to work with them on future projects.
— Eric Shomaker, Project Manager