Steam-bent Cedar shingles create a dramatic effect!
Make your next project a ... Work of Art


Through the years you've likely seen our work, and the wavy and undulating shingle coursing that set it apart from all of the rest.


Often utilizing the latest in 3D technology, we can design and manufacture our shingles to your roofs' exact size and specification.


We offer a select portfolio of striking, durable and one-of-a-kind products; for luxury resorts worldwide or to a your own resort at home.


imageCustom Shingles has completed some of the most challenging and unique roofing projects, primarily in the Cottage and Storybook genres of architecture, and specializes in steam-bending cedar shingles for many diverse roof and wall applications. It's an appearance of spontaneous and natural craft. A look the drawing board and tee square rarely achieves. An essential component in these geometrically complex, wavy and undulating roof lines along with the curved cedar shingles, set apart any roof from the ordinary. Through the years you have likely seen our work; From a striking American Thatch, Sea-wave cottage home to pre-formed shingles on a towering church steeple, our work has been featured in dozens of magazines and achieved multiple awards for nearly four decades. Just this summer, we tackled a teak shingle, Dragon's Tooth shingle roofs that were installed on a 6-star resort on the beach in Thailand. Beacuse of the roofs' unique surface, the teak shingles were bent on-site using our mobile steam-bending unit. You can find photos of this project in our Photo Gallery. The appearance of your roof can have a notable impact on the overall design and recognized market value of your property. As such carefully choosing the right roof for your home design today is one of if not the most important decision you you'll ever have to make to protect the life and value your investment during the ownership of your home. Not only must you carefully consider the climate conditions, cost of installation, and the resistance and durability when choosing a unique roofing material, but selecting one which is aesthetically pleasing to look at with an uncommon style and architectural design is equally just as important.

You can view our product list here. It also includes information on how to transform your existing roof into a cottage roof! The natual beauty of Teak, Wallaba and Cedar is unsurpassed by synthetic products, and is a cost effective way to improve your home's value. Our products range from cedar shakes to teak shingles. As experts in our field, we are happy to assist you with your project. We provide and manufacture cedar shakes and shingles of nearly any size, specialty-cut or steam-bent cedar shingles, and everything in between. We are proud to be your source for high-quality cedar wood shakes and shingles, and bent wood shingles. With nearly 40 years of experience, you can rely on our team to provide you with premium products and expertise.


image Can a cottage roof be put on my existing home?
Can I afford a cottage roof? What's a rough price to expect?
Do you have a minimum order quantity requirement?
Which wood species is best for me?
Do you sell just the curved shingles?
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What shingles do you bend?
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