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Exotic Teak Shingles

Teak shingles has all of the attributes one could wish for in a roofing shingle, and its secret lies in its tight grain and natural oils. Basically, Teak Shingles has a naturally high Silica content, which gives it a unique ability to withstand the elements, and it actually repels water. Choose between vintage building salvage from Southeast Asia, or new Burmese teak. Colors range from muted gold, coppers and tans with rich brown and silver-gray grain highlights. We also provide tapered starter shingles, hip shingles and ridge shingles.

Exotic Teak Shingle - Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles

Exotic Teak Shingle - Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles

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Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles


Teak shingles has the unusual properties of being both an excellent structural timber for framing, planking, etc., while at the same time being easily worked, unlike some other similar woods such as Purple Heart, and finished to a high degree. Teak is used extensively in boat decks, as it is extremely durable and requires very little maintenance. In addition to relatively high strength, Teak Shingles are highly resistant to rot, fungi and mildew. Teak has a relatively low shrinkage ratio, which makes it excellent for applications where it undergoes periodic changes in moisture

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There is a minimum order requirement for some of our products. For curved Cedar shingle orders, the minimum quantity requirement is just one (1) box. For Fancy-Cutt shingles, the minimum order is five (5) boxes. Depending upon current inventory, our minimum order for Wallaba is generally 2,500 SF and Teak shingles, 1,000 SF. Please contact us for additional details.