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Eco-Friendly Shingles

Selecting the right eco-friendly materials when it comes to roofing and siding can be a daunting task. Custom Shingles will help you make educated choices when it comes time to turn your house into a home. We offer so many options for customizing environmentally friendly roofs and siding that the wildest dream homes can be turned into a reality.

When deciding on your roofing material, many factors play into the decision. Many people choose wood shingles or shakes because of their longevity. Compared to other roofing materials, wood lasts for many years. With proper maintenance and regular care, wood roofs will long outlast roofs made from different materials. But wood roofs and siding are also eco-friendly, which is becoming increasingly more important to homeowners. Eco-friendly wood shingles are better for the earth than asphalt shingles that are petroleum-based, which are hard to recycle and wreak havoc on the environment through every stage of their production. Eco-friendly shingles are the more sound choice that contribute to a sustainable world.


Considering Eco-Friendly Wood Shingles

Using recycled and reclaimed wood is a growing trend in home construction and decoration. Shiplap is often used as an accent wall in kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms. Repurposed wood can also be used to create furniture, from beds to dining tables to chairs and more. This is a meaningful trend because it goes beyond just style — it helps the environment, too. Using reclaimed wood for roofing and siding projects as well as other in-home projects is a sustainable practice.

Wood shingles are eco-friendly because they act as natural insulators when they are installed on a home or business. After installing a wood roof, many home and business owners find that extra insulating materials are often not necessary. Creating those insulating materials uses extra energy and disposing of them in landfills can damage the environment because of harmful chemicals. However, if more insulation is required, there are options for using recycled and more natural materials.

Wood acting as a natural insulator will keep homes cooler in the summertime and warmer in winter. When this is the case, homeowners can use less energy for heating and cooling. In addition to saving money, using less power will shrink a home or business owner's carbon footprint.

Since shingles or shakes made from wood also prove to have better longevity than other roofing materials, using wood often creates less waste. Even though other roofing materials are starting to be recycled, much of these materials still end up in landfills when the roof is replaced. Unlike wood, many of these materials are non-decomposable. That means when they are sent to landfills, they stay there for a very long time. Wood is biodegradable, so if it does end up in a landfill, it will break down over time.

Wood is an excellent material for environmentally friendly shingles because they also requires less energy to manufacture compared to other materials. By saving energy in the production process, less pollution and greenhouse gas enters the atmosphere. Conserving energy also means we consume fewer natural resources, many of which are finite. Saving power will help keep these critical resources available to us for longer.

Another option for eco-friendly roofing materials is composite shingles. These shingles are not made from wood but instead come from a synthetic material that mimics wood almost perfectly. This material has many of the same benefits of using real wood — it's resistant to fire, mold, moss and other natural factors. It requires very little maintenance over its entire lifetime and has similar longevity to roofs made from wood shingles or shakes.

Why Choose Custom Shingles for Your Eco-Friendly Roof?

Many people come to Custom Shingles to turn their home or business into an extraordinary work of art. Some sustainable housing options focus too much on practicality. While it is important to exercise sustainable building practices, it's also important to achieve an ideal aesthetic of a home and building. With Custom Shingles, there's no need to sacrifice beauty for eco-friendly shingles.

We are expert craftsmen who add custom artisan touches to many different structures. Every project we complete is unique. Each person we work with is looking for something a little bit different. We will work with you until you feel confident that our plan reflects exactly how you imagine your home.

It can be overwhelming to consider all the decisions that come with installing a new roof or siding on your own. But don't worry — we make the process easy at Custom Shingles by explaining every option available and making sure we help you pick the perfect one. When the job is done, the result will exceed expectations.

Our methodology for creating beautiful custom shingles every time has been around since the 1920s, and we've perfected these methods over our more than 40 years of experience. Our expertise has helped make Custom Shingles the best in the industry. When you're looking for unique and beautiful roofing and siding options, think of Custom Shingles.

We want to help you get your perfect eco-friendly roof and siding. Contact us today to get your project started, or call us for a free estimate or more information about our eco-friendly options.