western red cedar grain

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is most abundant, with the grain being very straight, splits easily, and is commonly used for split shingles and shakes. As the most abundant species of Cedar, it is therefore cost effective, and similar in longevity to Eastern White. It is valued for its distinct appearance, aroma, and its high natural resistance to decay. It's extensively used for outdoor construction in the form of shingles, shakes, siding, posts and decking. 

Western Red Cedar Shingles - Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles

Western Red Cedar Shingles - Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles

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Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles


Western Red Cedar is cultivated as an ornamental tree, to a limited extent in forestry plantations and for screens and hedges. It's light weight, and its strength and dark warm sound make it a popular choice for guitar soundboards. It is also used to line closets and chests, for its pungent aromatic oils are believed to discourage moth and carpet beetle larvae, which can damage cloth by eating wool and similar fibres. This is more effective in a properly constructed Red Cedar chest (sometimes made entirely of Red Cedar), since the oils are confined by shellac and leather seals. It is also widely used throughout Europe and America for making beehives. A well-sealed Red Cedar chest will retain its pungent odor for many decades, sometimes for over a century.

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