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Eastern White Cedar

Roofs made of Eastern White Cedar shingles are attractive, distinguished and durable. Eastern White Cedar is dense, and features a fine texture and an even grain. Its durability is the product of its natural tannins and oils, which fight against rot, insects and general decay.

eastern white cedar grain

A huge part of Eastern White Cedar's attractiveness when used to make shingles is tied to its cell structure and even grain pattern. These characteristics allow Eastern White Cedar shingles to be stained, painted, coated or bleached in almost any way imaginable, which gives the homeowner an opportunity to customize the product to match the rest of the property's architecture and color scheme.

Eastern White Cedar Shingle - Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles

Eastern White Cedar Shingle - Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles

Don’t be fooled by the name — Eastern White Cedar is part of the cypress family, just like Alaskan Yellow Cedar. The cypress family is a prime choice when you’re looking for the best in natural wood shingles and shakes. To learn more about White Cedar shingles, reach out to Custom Shingles at any time. We can provide expert guidance or additional information as you consider White Cedar shingles vs. Red, or as you make other important roofing decisions.

Product Examples:

Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles


How Is Eastern White Cedar Commonly Used?

Commonly used for sidewall and occasional roof applications, Eastern White Cedar grows in Eastern Canada, and because of its lighter, more neutral color, it can be stained to nearly any color, with semi-transparent stains. It is an evergreen tree with fan-like branches and scaly leaves. Unlike the closely related species, Western Red Cedar, it is only a small tree.

Eastern White Cedar grows to a height of 10–20 metres (33–66 ft) tall with a 0.4 metres (1.3 ft) trunk diameter, exceptionally to 30 metres (98 ft) tall and 1.6 metres (5.2 ft) diameter. Northern White Cedars found to be growing on cliff faces in southern Ontario are the oldest trees in Eastern North America and all of Canada, growing to ages in excess of 1653 years old. It is commercially used for rustic fencing and posts, lumber, poles, shingles and in the construction of log cabins. It is similar in longevity to Western Red Cedar.

As a moderate growth species, Eastern White Cedar can replenish itself in about 35 years, which allows for sustainable forestry activities.

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What Makes White Cedar Shingles Unique?

Not only is Eastern White Cedar both attractive and durable, it also provides additional benefits when used in applications both indoors and out. When used inside, it provides an interesting and pleasant scent, and it also provides strong acoustic and insulation. Of course, Eastern White Cedar’s insulating qualities are helpful in roofing, too, as are its natural durability and resistance to the elements.

Custom White Cedar shingles are easy to install because they can be directly nailed without risk of the wood cracking — the wood is light, too. After Eastern White Cedar shingle installation, your new roof will require little in the way of maintenance for many years.

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Working With Custom Shingles

Custom and natural wood shingles make for some of the most beautiful roofing solutions in the world. When you see a properly installed, well-selected natural wood roof, it’s unique attractiveness and beauty is absolutely head-turning. Owners of fine homes across the country and around the world are well-suited to Eastern White Cedar shingles, as well as other natural wood roofing products.

However, the expertise needed to properly create these shingles and shakes and to properly install them is scarce. At Custom Shingles, we bring to our work a blend of knowledge and experience that you simply can’t find in other custom roofing providers. While traditional roofing providers may claim to be able to install Eastern White Cedar shingles and similar natural wood products, it’s always best to find a provider that focuses on these types of roofing solutions.

Don’t trust your home or property to just any service provider — make sure your vision for custom Eastern White Cedar shingles becomes a reality by counting on the team you’ll find at Custom Shingles.