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Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles

Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles


36" Shingles

Our 36” shingle is milled often for application on historical properties, or homeowners looking for a unique look that makes a statement. They are random in width and custom-cut to the thickness of your specification. Machine-sawing on both sides gives them a clean, tailored appearance. Other customizations can be made, such as shallow grooves on either side of the shingle, as shown below.

The 36” shingle is longer than our standard product and is best suited for historical restorations and other specialty projects. Use it on walls and roofs with a 3:12 or steeper pitch, with a maximum exposure of 11”. For more information, please contact us today!

Details &  Examples:

To better suit the requirements of a wide range of customers, we offer our 36” Cedar shingles unfinished, or with any of our several treatment options, including:

  • Pre-staining in the color of your choice
  • CCA (chromated copper arsenate) treatment to improve resistance to mold and mildew
  • Certi-Guard™ fire retardancy treatment to meet the requirements of Class A, B or C roofing systems

What distinguishes Custom Shingles from other Cedar roofing providers is our unique ability to steam-bend or custom-cut our products to achieve a variety of architectural effects. 36” Cedar shingles can be bent diagonally, sideways or lengthwise to the ratio of your choice, allowing you to create concave or convex sweeps and swales, flared wall edges, onion domes and other features not possible with standard bent shingles.

Historical photo courtesy of Wendi Kottas Peterson

We also offer the option of cutting our shingles to any of the decorative profiles in our Fancy-Cutt™ line, or to a custom design of your specifications.

See Our Shingles in Action

If you’re a regular reader of Architectural Digest, Veranda or other leading trade publications, there’s a good chance you’ve already seen our products in action. For detailed case studies, be sure to check out our blog and online Portfolio Gallery.

One recent success story involved a restoration of the historic Bryce Canyon Lodge, in Utah’s famous national park of the same name. For this project, custom Cedar shingles were used to recreate the subtle wave coursing of the original building, completed in the early 1920s. The end result was a roof that offered both historical fidelity and, thanks to our Certi-Guard™ fire treatment, 21st century safety standards. Check out some photos from the build here.

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Order Information:

There is a minimum order requirement for some of our products. For curved Cedar shingle orders, the minimum quantity requirement is just one (1) box. For Fancy-Cutt shingles, the minimum order is five (5) boxes. Depending upon current inventory, our minimum order for Wallaba and Teak shingles is generally 2,500 SF. Please contact us for additional details.