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Exotic Teak

Teak is unmatched in its durability, beauty and longevity.

Teak has all of the attributes one could wish for in a roofing shingle, and it’s secret lies in its tight grain and natural oils. A roof is the crowning touch of any home or structure, and our Teak shingles are the ideal choice to transform your roof into a masterpiece that lasts for decades to come. Its extreme durability and resistance has made it a prized building material for centuries. Shingles are crafted in the Dragon’s Tooth profile, or can be custom-cut to your specifications. Teak is the most expensive option, but is unmatched in its beauty, longevity, and is considered the gold standard for rot resistance.

The Test of Time

Teak has been used as a boatbuilding material for over 150 years. In addition to relatively high strength, teak is also highly resistant to rot, fungi and mildew. In addition, teak has a relatively low shrinkage ratio, which makes it excellent for applications where it undergoes periodic changes in moisture. Teak has the unusual properties of being both an excellent structural timber for framing, roofing, planking, etc., while at the same time being easily worked, unlike some other similar woods.