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Pre-Dipped Cedar Shingles

Some homes are simply too extraordinary for traditional roofing solutions. When you own a home that is unique and that deserves the very best in its every feature, consider the remarkable beauty and plentiful benefits you get with pre-stained cedar shingles.

Pre-dipped cedar shingles can make a beautiful home come alive by complementing existing architecture and helping to enhance curb appeal. But the success of pre-stained cedar shakes and shingles is dependent on the quality of material used and the expertise of the service providers doing the installation. When you can find the right materials and the right team for installation, a roof made of pre-stained cedar shingles can make a dramatic impact for decades to come.

At Custom Shingles, we are experts in the manufacturing and installation of pre-stained cedar shingles and shakes. While some mainstream roofing companies may suggest that they can handle the installation of a roof made of pre-dipped cedar shingles, this is the type of work that we’ve built a business on at Custom Shingles. We understand these projects inside and out — and no one can deliver results with prestained cedar shingles than we can.


The Benefits of Pre-Dipped Cedar Shingles

What exactly are the benefits of choosing pre-stained cedar shingles for your home? You should know that pre-stained cedar shakes and shingles are entirely covered with a seal that helps preserve the wood, extending its lifespan while also limiting the amount of maintenance it requires. When you apply stain after the roof is already installed, you only enjoy protection on the exposed portion of the shingles or shakes.

Our approach is different. We purposely choose pre-stained cedar shingles because it provides protection for the entire shingles and therefore the entire roof — both what is exposed and what is not. The result is a roof that lasts longer and is much more durable than it would have been otherwise. As an added benefit, choosing pre-stained cedar shingles allow you to choose a color blend or a solid color for your roof — whatever will look best at your unique property.

Pre-Stained Cedar Shingles vs. Other Roofing Materials

There are plenty of reasons why pre-stained cedar shingles are superior to more commonly used roofing materials. First, you can’t match the attractiveness of a pre-stained cedar shingle roof. The cedar provides a naturally attractive appearance, and the opportunity to stain your shingles allows you to put your own impression on their look and feel. Prestained cedar shingles are the result of careful design and attention to detail — and that care really shines through in their final appearance once installed on your roof.

Also, pre-stained shingles deliver incredible durability. Cedar is already a far more durable material than traditional roofing components, and the sealant that fully covers pre-stained cedar shingles makes them even more long-lasting. You may pay a little more upfront on the price of pre-stained shingles, but the long-term value can’t be beat.

Is Your Home Right for Prestained Cedar Shingles?

Pre-dipped cedar shingles look fantastic on a wide array of different homes and various home styles. Era-appropriate homes often work best with pre-stained cedar shingles. You may find that prestained cedar shingles work for you if you live in a Nantucket-style home, a coastal-inspired home or even a New England shingle home. In each case, your home’s unique architecture will help the pre-dipped cedar shingles fully realize their potential. When you combine your home’s innate characteristics with the many benefits of prestained cedar shingles, your home’s attractiveness reaches its peak.

Choose From Various Styles

You can choose a wide range of styles for your pre-stained cedar shingles. This ability to choose from among different designs gives you greater flexibility as you search for the perfect match for your home. When you choose Custom Shingles as your provider, you may choose from styles like half cove, fish scale, hexagon, round, diamond, diagonal, square, octagon and more.

At Custom Shingles, we give you access to a huge number of different styles of pre-stained cedar shingles. We can also provide expert guidance and help you find the perfect fit for your home should you need it. Premium roofing solutions are our passion, and we can use our experience and knowledge to ensure that you’re getting the very best for your home.

Our Experience Makes The Difference

When you’re installing a roof made of pre-dipped cedar shingles, you want the most experienced team on your side. The beautiful finish of a completed job doesn’t happen by mistake. If you want the incredible attractiveness and long-term durability or a premium wood roof, you need a team that knows how to get the job done.

At Custom Shingles, we have that exceptional team. For more than 40 years, we’ve been creating outstanding results for clients interested in the beauty and durability of pre-dipped cedar shingles. You can find mainstream roofing companies that claim they know how to handle pre-stained cedar shingles, but that’s rarely the case. The installation of cedar shingles requires careful work and attention to detail at all times, and it’s not something that just any service provider is going to be adept at.

Our work is known across the country, having been featured in well-known publications like Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Vogue and Veranda. We’re featured in these magazines because we deliver great results that are only made possible by our depth of experience. We know how to help your home and its roof reach their fullest potentials.

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