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Fishscale Shingles

Custom Shingles can add an artisan touch to any home or business with customized roofing. Our custom wood shingles create a unique, personalized look. The products in our line of Fancy-Cutt™ Shingles are excellent choices for roofs and siding, as they offer customization beyond our standard custom wood shingles. Our Fancy-Cutt™ Shingles line includes cuts such as fish scale, diamond, half-round, sawtooth and wavy.

The fish scale-style wood shingles we offer add an extra element of artistry and texture to the overall look and feel of your roof or siding.

What Are Fishscale Shingles?

Fishscale shingles are a style of cut wood shingles that belong to our Fancy-Cutt™ Shingles collection. Fishscale wood shingles are very similar to half-round cut shingles. When installed, half-round shingles look like teardrops. While the fishscale cut is very similar to the half-round cut, they are different enough to cater to different tastes.

Fishscale shingles are not as drastically rounded as half-round shingles. The curved part rounds to a corner at the ends, unlike the half-round that curves straight into the long portion of the shingle. Many homeowners choose fishscale wood shingles over half-round wood shingles if they like the style but don't want something quite as dramatic as the half-round cut. Putting many fish scale shingles together on a section of roof or siding gives the appearance of a fish's skin, which is where the style its name.

Using custom fishscale cut shingles on a roof or siding has several benefits, and there are many ways to use them.

Common Uses for Fishscale Shingles

The best part about the Fancy-Cutt™ Shingles collection is that it offers boundless options for customizing the look of a roof or siding. The fish scale cut and all other custom cuts can be used in nearly countless ways. It's easy to become overwhelmed by all of the design possibilities, so here are some of the common uses for fish scale wood shingles:

  • Accents or Decorations: Fish scale wood shingles can be used for decoration or as an accent. Use fish scale shingles on the entire roof or all of the siding for a uniform, intriguing visual. Or add them to a small section to create an eye-catching contrast. This attention to detail will impress anyone who visits or drives by. Adding fish scale shingles in numerous small sections is a popular way to draw attention and create texture.
  • Historical Homes: Fish scale shingles are also commonly used on historical homes. People who own older homes or businesses face the challenge of maintaining and updating these more antique structures. When older homes or buildings require maintenance and repair, it can be very challenging to replace and replicate the original architecture of the home with modern materials. Homes with Victorian and Queen Anne architectural styles often use fish scale wooden shingles. Selecting custom fishscale shingles allows the owners of these historic dwellings to maintain the building's original aesthetic and integrity.

There are other customization options besides the cut of the shingles. There are different types of wood — including cedar, teak, wallaba and shingles made from recycled materials. These wood types are offered at varying price points. Along with the type of wood, there are also many stain options. Choose a stain from many hues that will either make the shingles lighter or darker. To change the color of the shingles down the road, home and business owners can restain the shingles to achieve the desired hue.

Design Benefits

Using custom wood shingles has many benefits, including:

  • Unique Aesthetics: The most significant advantage of using fish scale wood shingles is that they make homes and businesses look more unique. For historical homes, the shingles will keep the characteristics true to the original architecture. For homes that are not historical, fish scale shingles offer texture and intrigue. As mentioned, they can be used in siding, roofing or even small sections of any style of home to add charm and uniqueness. Fish scaled shingles complement the design of many types of architecture.
  • Extended Lifespan: Wood shingles also have a longer lifespan than other, more common roofing materials. Fish scale shingles made of cedar will likely not have to be replaced for up to 50 years with proper care and regular maintenance. Compared to the 20-year lifespan of asphalt roofs, that's a significant difference.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: Wood shingles will also help with energy costs. Wood shingles act as natural insulators — they keep homes and buildings warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. When a home can more efficiently maintain a comfortable temperature, homeowners need to use less energy for heating and cooling, which saves a lot of money in the long run.
  • Increased Curb Appeal: Custom touches like fishscale shingles add to the curb appeal and the value of any home. This addition of new detail is sure to catch the eye of visitors and passersby.

Why Choose Custom Shingles?

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