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Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Just like Eastern White Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is part of the cypress family — contrary to what its name might suggest. Because of its unique and innate characteristics, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is commonly used to make shingles, shakes and siding.

alaskan yellow cedar grain

Two characteristics that make Yellow Cedar shingles so popular are its strength and durability. Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingles contain natural oils and tannins that fight against mold and decay, which means homeowners who buy Alaskan Yellow Cedar shingles can enjoy lasting value with little maintenance required.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingle - Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingle - Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles

What’s more, these natural tannins and oils release over time, which slightly changes the color of custom Yellow Cedar shingles from a pale yellow to a soft and silvery gray. Aged custom Yellow Cedar shingles are far more beautiful, intriguing and attractive than they were on the day of installation.

Are you debating over Yellow Cedar shingles vs. White, or are you simply exploring unique natural wood roofing options? At Custom Shingles, we have the experience and knowledge needed to properly provide Alaskan Yellow Cedar shingle installation services, and we’d be glad to answer any questions you may have about your options.

Product Examples:

Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles


What Makes Alaskan Yellow Cedar So Unique?

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is fine textured, light colored and turns a beautiful silver gray. It is also the most naturally moisture tolerant species. The various physical properties of the wood make it an attractive material for both general construction and boat building. Due to its slow growth, it is hard and, like other cypress woods it is durable; it, therefore, offers good dimensional stability and is resistant to weather, insects, and contact with soil.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar turns and carves quite well, making these materials easily manipulated by hand or machine tools, and can be fastened to a surface with glues, screws, and nails. Its texture, uniform color and straight grain will take a fine finish. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is the most naturally moisture tolerant wood species available. It resists splintering and wears smoothly over time. Along with its range of resistance qualities, yellow cedar is also impervious to harmful and unattractive mold growth and decay — as Alaskan Yellow Cedar ages, it naturally releases tannins and oils that prevent these unwanted growths from forming.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is typically recognized by its fine-textured appearance and light coloring. Over time, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, when exposed to direct sunlight and other outdoor elements, will evolve from its natural light coloring to a distinguishable, beautiful silver gray. When freshly cut, Alaskan Yellow Cedar has a somewhat unpleasant bitter scent, but when seasoned it has barely any discernible scent, hence its traditional use in face masks.

Where to Find Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Despite its name, Alaskan Yellow Cedar actually grows throughout Canada's British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest — mostly in Washington state. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is about 1/3 heavier than similar species like Western Red Cedar and Eastern White Cedar. This is because the area where it's grown is known for shorter growing seasons, which leads to denser, stronger wood with thin growth rings.

This density leads to straight grains, smooth texture and little to no shrinkage through the years and decades while it’s used as a roofing material. If you're looking for a tree species that provides strength similar to what you'll find in Alaskan Yellow Cedar, the closest species may be the Douglas Fir, a species renowned for its strength.

Is Alaskan Yellow Cedar Environmentally Friendly?

Because of its durability and longevity, Alaskan cedar roofs are one of the most environmentally friendly roofing options available today:

  • Sustainability: Yellow cedar trees harvested to create beautiful roofing, siding and construction materials are sourced from carefully managed forests throughout the northwestern region. Thinning, planned harvests and replanting are considerations for maintaining the sustainability of these materials.

  • Biodegradability: At the end of its useful lifespan — which can be between 30 and 50 years or more when properly cared for — yellow cedar is entirely recyclable and can be used to create helpful garden mulch and other items. Alternative roofing materials like asphalt shingles cannot be reused once their useful life has ended.

  • Waste Reduction: When transforming raw materials into a gorgeous natural roofing solution, yellow cedar uses less energy-intensive resources than alternative roofing materials — for synthetic roofing, large quantities of fossil fuels and energy are used to transform the raw materials into its final form.

  • Lower Energy Costs: Alaskan cedar roofs are wonderful natural insulators and can help regulate the internal temperature of your home, ensuring a more comfortable environment during the winter and summer months without using constant energy to heat and cool your space.

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Can Yellow Cedar Roofs Be Used for Residential and Commercial Properties?

With its undeniable durability and strength as well as distinguishable finishes and evolving patina, yellow cedar is the ideal roofing solution for all types of residential and commercial buildings. Due to its original and scarce usage, an Alaskan cedar roof can even add a bit of prestige and formality to your property for an unforgettable image.

At Custom Shingles, we work closely with all of our clients on their roof designs and customize all of our yellow cedar roofs and shingles to suit our client’s specific maintenance expectations, resilience needs and unique aesthetics. For all of our Alaskan Yellow Cedar roofs, we determine customized supply and installation plans for both residential and commercial locations to ensure lasting longevity and appearances.

Home Styles Alaskan Cedar Roofs Are Perfect For

With the right type of roofing materials, your roof can transform from merely a basic layer of protection for you and your family from inclement climates to a stunning architectural feature of your home that enhances your existing architecture and adds a dynamic, natural appeal rarely found throughout most neighborhoods.

While yellow cedar roofs are a classic option to add historic charm and old-world appeal for Tudor, traditional and Colonial-inspired home styles, yellow cedar shingles also add a beautiful and welcoming design to both coastal or inland bungalows and cottages.

Are Yellow Cedar Roofs Expensive?

Although Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a rarer roofing material than other wood roof alternatives, yellow cedar is actually comparable in price to the more popular red cedar shakes and shingles. While both yellow and red cedar shingles will give your building a remarkable, long-lasting and natural beauty, Alaskan cedar roofs have a unique character along with attractive, dynamic finishes, exceptionally long lifespan and superior natural durability and resistance.

Discover the Custom Shingles Advantage

The art of creating and installing steam bent Yellow Cedar shingles is one that requires commitment, experience and knowledge. At Custom Shingles, we specialize in steam bent Alaskan Yellow Cedar shingles and other unique and luxurious roofing solutions.

When you choose Custom Shingles as your service provider, you get Alaskan Yellow Cedar perfection. These materials are high in quality, durability and attractiveness, but they can only perform and look their best when cut, bent, and installed by an expert professional.

When you're in the market for pre-stained Yellow Cedar shingles and flawless installation of those shingles, make sure you have an expert on your side — an expert like Custom Shingles.