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Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles

Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles


18" Tapersawn Shakes

Custom Shingles’ 18” Tapersawn shakes can be used on side walls and roofs with a 3:12 pitch or steeper. Our products are an excellent choice for luxury homes as well as cottages and vacation properties, along with hotels, museums and more. Keep reading to learn more, or visit our Cedar shake Project Gallery to see some of the many ways our 18” Tapersawns and other products have been used in properties around the world.

Details &  Examples:

Our 18in Tapersawns split the difference between shakes and shingles. While they are sawn on both sides and have a semi-textured look associated with shingles, they are installed like shakes, using a felt interlay that provides protection from the elements while allowing for a more rustic overall appearance.

18” Tapersawn shakes are a minimum 3” wide, and between ⅝" and 1 ½" in thickness. Our product meets Certigrade™ Number 1 grade, Blue Label® standards and is made from 100% edge grain, clear heartwood with no defects.

Images © 2006-2016 Custom Shingles

Our Cedar products are available in three wood choices:

  • Western Red Cedar, our most popular choice, is an economical wood with a straight grain and good natural resistance to disease and decay. It is one of the most abundant Cedar species, which makes it an extremely cost-effective choice for a number of applications.

  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar, a durable alternative with a tighter grain and finer texture. It is harder and more moisture-resistant than Western Red Cedar, which makes it good for use in areas that experience high levels of snow or rain.

  • Eastern White Cedar, a lighter, more neutral wood that stains well and is more frequently used for siding than roofing applications.

For help choosing the best wood for your application, contact Custom Shingles today. 

Customization Options

Our 18in Tapersawns can be customized in a number of ways to help you complete any renovation, new build or historical restoration to the highest standards of fidelity. Customize your purchase by:

  • Steam bending or shaping individual shakes to form complex architectural formations such as curved gables, onion domes, rolled eaves and more
  • Cutting to one of the profiles in the Fancy-Cutt™ line, or to a custom design of your own specification
  • Pre-staining in a color of your choosing, or in several different colors for a variegated effect

We also give you the option of treating your 18” Tapersawn shakes with a fire retardant or mildew-resistant coating. We offer pressure-treated CCA (chromated copper arsenate) products that deliver superior protection against the elements, as well as Certi-Guard™ shakes that can be used in Class A, B and C roofing systems.

Unlike other Cedar roofing companies, we are unique in our ability to customize any purchase to your needs — contact our office to discuss your options with a representative. 

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