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Natural Timber Shingles

As the owner of a fine home, you enjoy many roofing options — as well as a huge opportunity to use roofing to help your home reach its full potential. Natural timber shingles and shakes are among the many options you can choose from when selecting a roofing material. Natural timber provides unparalleled attractiveness, long-term durability and a natural rot- and decay-fighting characteristics — that means less maintenance and more value.

At Custom Shingles, we specialize in unique, attractive and durable roofing solutions, including natural timber shakes and shingles. When you want a roof that sets your home apart from others, looks fantastic and lasts longer than more common materials, consider natural timber shingles and shakes.

Uses for Natural Timber

Several types of wood can be used in home construction, delivering a range of benefits you simply won’t get with composite materials. When it comes to using natural timber in home construction, some of the most common uses are as shingles, shakes and siding.

It’s no coincidence that roofing and siding are two home characteristics that most influence attractiveness and resale value. When you choose natural timber for shingles, shakes or siding, you’re choosing a material that can greatly boost your home’s curb appeal, as well as the prospective price you garner upon resale.

natural timber siding

Natural Timber Shingles vs. Weathered Wood

When you’re searching for custom wood shingles for your home, how do you choose between natural timber shingles vs. weathered wood? The main decision point is the finish. Do you prefer the cleaner, less textured look of natural timber, or do you prefer the more rustic appearance of weathered wood? The choice is truly yours, but let your home’s existing architecture and look determine your final decision.

For example, weathered wood often looks most appropriate in rustic settings, such as a cabin in the mountains or a similar environment. Conversely, natural timber may be more appropriate in a traditional residential setting.

The Benefits of Natural Timber

There are many benefits of using natural timber and similar hardwoods for shakes, shingles and siding, including:

  • Attractiveness: The unique look of natural timber roofing simply can’t be replicated when using more traditional materials, like composite shingles.
  • Durability: Natural timber shakes, shingles and siding also perform durably over the long-term with little need for maintenance along the way.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While composite shingles and shakes may be more affordable than natural wood alternatives, they last only a fraction of the time — meaning natural timber shingles and shakes deliver more value.
  • Resistance: Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of natural timber shingles and shakes is their resistance to rot, decay and insects. Rot, decay and insects are threats to almost all roofing solutions. With some shingles and shakes, you have to take extra measures to ensure that they can withstand these threats. But with natural timber, the shingles and shake naturally fight the elements.
natural timber siding

Why Choose Custom Shingles?

While natural timber roofing is highly attractive and incredibly durable when compared to the alternatives, not any roofer can install natural timber. Be wary of the mainstream roofer that promises to handle natural timber shakes and shingles just as easily as other materials. The truth about natural timber is this: It’s a specialized material that requires specialized experience and knowledge to properly install.

At Custom Shingles, we provide the experience, knowledge and abilities to properly install natural timber shakes and shingles. These types of roofing materials offer so many benefits to homeowners, but those benefits can only be unlocked through careful and appropriate installation. This is all we do at Custom Shingles — we manufacture high-end natural wood roofing materials, then provide the trusted installation those roofing materials demand.

When you want natural timber roofing that can set your home apart from others, increase its value and deliver long-term value you won’t get with other materials, count on the experience and knowledge you’ll find at Custom Shingles.

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