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Cottage Roof Design Styles

At Custom Shingles, we are one of just a few service providers that offer high-quality cottage roof design consultation services – and ours is backed by over 40 years of wood roofing experience. Working with and designing stunning wood roofs requires significant experience, knowledge, and specializations – all of which Custom Shingles can help bring to life in your design.

Whether you are an architect looking to explore the possibilities of a design, or a homeowner looking to breathe new life into your roof, Custom Shingles can help you.


We’ll help you sketch out ideas, and we offer 3D drawings and renderings to bring concepts to life. We also spend significant time in discussion and collaboration to make sure we’re executing on your visions and exceeding your design expectations.

Below are just a few examples of the roofing styles our expertise can help you explore:

  • Cotswold Cottage: Inspired by the Cotswold Hills area of England, these roof designs recall the coziness of old-world Britain. Though you may live in a home with modern features and amenities, a Cotswold Cottage roof is going to create a throwback look and feel that evokes memories of a simpler time. Homes that work well with Cotswold Cottage roofing include prominent windows along the ground floor, as well as gabled windows and eaves.
  • Hobbit House: The unmistakable look of Hobbit Houses in the "Lord of the Rings" series includes drooping, rounded edges that are at once fascinating, unique and beautiful. A Hobbit House roof can make even the largest home look simple, cozy and inviting — especially when paired with ivy-covered walls. We offer a step-by-step approach to creating a Hobbit House roof at your home — a process that we’ve been using since the 1980s.
  • Storybook Roof: Homes with visible, prominent, sloping roofs are often served well by Storybook House-style roofing. These roofs include curved edges that wrap around gables and rakes, and their finished appearance makes a dramatic impression on both visitors and passersby. Because of the childhood association with Storybook House roofing, it provides a sense of innocence and peace.
  • Seawave Roof: The beauty of a Seawave Roof is that it ties together the natural and the manmade. These roofs draw parallels to the ocean and its waves in the way they flow, rise and fall from one end of a home to another. Of course, the design and installation of a Seawave Roof requires specialized knowledge, experience and tools. At Custom Shingles, we are one of the few service providers with the resources to properly execute a Seawave Roof.
  • Curved Roof: Our society has been lulled into thinking that roofs should provide straight edges and angles. But there’s a certain mystery and beauty in a curved roof, which is evocative of tropical environments and exotic locales. At Custom Shingles, our curved roofing solutions are at once unique, beautiful and long-lasting.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary architecture is perhaps best known for its incorporation of natural materials and designs. At Custom Shingles, our Contemporary roofing does the same, providing materials that are steam-bent and perfectly adept at meeting the shape, size and configuration specifications of our clients.
  • Thai Luxury: Another exotic roofing solution, Thai Luxury designs deliver truly spectacular results. Again, like other materials and designs listed here, a Thai Luxury roof provides a sense of tropical location, relaxation and exoticism.
  • Onion Roof: When you first see an Onion Roof design, you may think of the beautiful and historic cathedrals of Europe. But the Onion Roof can often provide a dramatic imprint on residences and commercial buildings, depending on their settings and their existing architecture. Whether you want an Onion Roof for a restoration project or for unique new construction, Custom Shingles can deliver the design and execution.
  • Mushroom House: A Mushroom Roof brings together various different architectural influences to create a truly unique look and feel that can enhance an array of homes. Many think of the Mushroom House look as something from the Smurfs, but it’s actually a whimsical design that helps fantasy find its way into the real world.
  • Fairytale House: You can bring a little bit of magic to your property through the installation of a Fairytale House roof. This is the look one would expect from a gingerbread house — only it comes to life in the most vivid and dramatic of ways at your home. Fairytale House roofing solutions are notable for their sloping edges, curves, waves and undulations. Combine natural shingles with a home in a wooded area to create an organic effect.
  • Tudor Revival: The historical roots of the Tudor Revival style rest in the thatched roofs of the old European countryside. As Europeans came to America throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, they brought with them this unique roofing style. Today, you can secure this Tudor Revival look for your home to dramatic effect.
  • Lord of the Rings: Another thatched-style roof, the "Lord of the Rings" look includes wood shingles that are arrayed to provide a natural appearance, as though a home and its roof were carved right out of the ground and wilderness. There’s little that's more charming than a "Lord of the Rings"-style roof on an appropriate home.
  • False Thatched Roof: Enjoy the look and feel of a thatched roof without the maintenance and upkeep when you select a False Thatched Roof for your home. Using cedar or another premium hardwood, a False Thatched Roof delivers significant durability that creates value for the homeowner — in addition to the dramatic appearance.
  • Undulating Roof: An Undulating Roof looks like something out of a dream. For an Undulating Roof to reach its potential, the installer must work from a creative design and handle the actual installation with the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • Bent Cedar Shingles: Few materials look more dramatic or beautiful when used in roofing than bent cedar shingles. The process of actual bending and forming shingles, much less installing them, requires significant experience and knowledge — characteristics that you’ll find at Custom Shingles.
  • Hansel and Gretel: One of the most famous cottages in storybook history, you too can enjoy the look and feel of a Hansel and Gretel House — including the gentle waves, rounded eaves and unmistakable charm.

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