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Bryce Canyon Lodge

The historic landmark, Bryce Canyon Lodge, offers sweeping views of Bryce Canyon just beyond the pines, and being nestled in the trees, Cedar is the perfect choice for its undulating, wave coursed roof. The fire-treated Cedar shingles offer natural beauty and excellent fire protection. These photos were taken just after we completed the installation, and before we stained the roof in an Old Hunter green, to even better complement its stunning surroundings. The work was done while the Lodge is closed, during the cold, snowy winter months, and into early spring. The original 1920’s wave coursing was very closely matched from its historical photos, and promptly approved by the National Park and general contracting team, for accuracy and execution. Click on the photo above for more pictures of the place!

Fantastic Plastic

Because of the strict codes in this area of Lake Arrowhead, we selected a synthetic wood shingle product, which we steam-bent by hand, and installed in a sea wave pattern. This spectacular roof showcases the beautiful Tudor style home, overlooking the lake and mountains. The advantage of synthetic offers lasting color and a Class 'A' fire rating. Click on the image above for more photos!

Raising the Roof

We were privileged to be chosen for the roof restoration at the Chapel of Roses, the architectural masterpiece by Francis Harvey Slocombe, and designer of the legendary Mapes Hotel in Reno. It features an organically shaped bell tower, an undulating, Storybook roof with huge dormers, and an abundance of stained glass windows. Great care was taken to match every detail of the historic roof from 1920’s, with patterned to sometimes erratic undulations of the wave coursing, and by steam-bending nearly every area of the roof, including the eaves, gables, ridges, hips and valleys. The end result is truly spectacular. 

Cotswold Charisma

One of the most cherished architectural styles - the half timbered Tudor - enjoyed a renaissance during the early decades of this century when tourism the the Old World and interest in our cold heritage burgeoned. Countless Tudors were constructed in then-new suburbs. We were excited to restore the roof at this Tudor style home with the dramatic, oversized roof gables.  

Rawhide Exhibit

Our shingles were showcased in the Hirsuta's Rawhide exhibit this summer, in the prestigious Southern California Institute of Architecture. Raspberry Fields is a fresh and creative way to apply the use of curved shingles to achieve very unconventional effects, creating a truly spectacular result. An essential component in these geometrically complex, undulating roof lines are the curved cedar shingles, which set apart any roof from the ordinary. Here, the simple change in shape to one of the oldest cladding units in architecture produces a powerful amplification of the material presence of shingles (above photo by Joshua White).

Rumson Residence

18" #1 grade, pre-stained Cedar shingles were provided and installed at a large and beautifully detailed new construction home in Rumson, NJ. Many areas, including the large bell towers, roof and wall swales, required us to steam-bend the shingles in our warehouse. The excellence in craftsmanship in the many intricate roof and sidewall areas is truly spectacular. The semi-transparent stain on all sides of the shingles, brings out the rich, natural hues in the woodgrain, and will extend the material life of the roof and wall shingles.