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How Wind Resistant Are Shakes and Shingles?

Cedar roofs are growing in popularity for many homeowners because of their striking beauty and natural resistance against pests and certain weather conditions, but the winter season poses intense and often brutal weather conditions that can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior materials. With high winds, heavy snowfall or hail and cool temperatures, it’s easy for certain roofing materials to wear and become damaged. Throughout the winter months, it’s important to make sure your family is comfortable, safe and well-protected, but during an unexpected storm, how well can you expect your cedar shakes and shingles to withstand the inclement weather?

Not only are cedar shakes and shingles attractive and long-lasting roofing materials, but they’re also one of the highest performing solutions available and can effortlessly outperform alternative roofing materials like asphalt, metal and clay tile in any type of winter weather including hail storms and high winds.

Cedar Shake and Shingle Wind Resistance

Have you ever walked into your front yard after a brutal storm and found shingles littering your landscaping? With cedar shingles, you’ll have wind resilience of up to 173 miles per hour. Cedar shakes have superior wind resistance properties, and when properly installed and maintained, they can withstand winds of up to 245 miles per hour.

Alternative roofing materials can provide adequate wind resistance, but no other roofing solution comes close or equals the superior wind resistance performance of cedar shakes and shingles. Metal roofing can endure winds up to 140 miles per hour, while clay tiles can handle winds up to 125 miles per hour. Asphalt shingles are the least protective option, only providing protection up to 90 miles per hour.

Can Cedar Shakes Withstand Hail and Snow Storms?

When winter storms hit your neighborhood, your roof is the primary defense against extreme weather conditions and with cedar shingles and shakes, you’re assured exceptional home protection. During harsh wintry weather, your cedar shakes and shingles are guaranteed to remain in pristine condition without suffering from extensive damage, wear or cracking — shingles can support up to 90 pounds of snow per square foot, while shakes can withstand up to 180 pounds of snow per square foot without failing.

Even during hail storms, homeowners can expect exceptional cedar roofing performance while only experiencing superficial damage in extreme hail and ice circumstances. Cedar shakes and shingles are designed to be highly impact-resistant and can withstand hail sizes up to two inches in diameter and traveling up to 71 miles per hour. Marble-sized hail is only expected to cause superficial damage to cedar materials, and light damage and depressions can disappear over time with natural weathering.

What Happens If My Cedar Roof Is Damaged During a Storm?

Although cedar shakes and shingles offer the best performance and home protection of any roofing material, during intense winter storms and conditions, your materials may succumb to wear and tear, splits and other damage. If you have a cedar roof installed by Custom Shingles, then you’re assured our team will inspect the condition of your roof and perform fast, quality repairs or recommend replacement options as needed to ensure long-lasting dependability.

Homeowners can keep their cedar shakes and shingles in pristine condition and ensure resilience during the winter months by performing proper maintenance tasks — inspect the quality of the roofing materials, clear debris from eaves and gutters and check the attic ventilation as well as vents, decks and flashing.

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